Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Filming starting in 3 days!

Filming for the upcoming movie 'The Farm' starts this weekend on location at the Haunted Farm. I am excited at the same time still cleaning rooms that we do not use that will be needed for the film. I sometimes even forget that those rooms exist in the house. We will be playing the movie in the courtyard waiting queue line of the Haunted Farm attraction for the 2011 season. I really loved the teaser #3 shown on the movie facebook page at www.facebook.com/thefarmmovie. The movie is being made by Ghostwalk Productions, there website is www.ghostwalklive.com. They did a really good job with the teaser! I really forget sometimes how scary the farm does appear to someone who does not live here. It also shows just me how much work I really have to do on this old house.
Alot of individuals that visit the farm do not realize that there are others here at the farm besides my family. I do believe that the original family of the farm does still reside here. Come see for yourself in October.